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Hand crafted contemporary heirloom furniture

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Artist Profile

An axe and a drawknife

In 1974, in the stunning hardwood forests of Eastern Kentucky, my best friend Jimmy Cooper forced me to make a walnut settin’ chair "from the stump" with an axe, drawknife, chisel and  pocket knife. Ever since, I‘ve been hooked on chair making. After moving to Florida to rebuild a derelict wooden sailboat, I began incorporating highly figured and exotic woods into my chairs using basic power tools. After sailing the Caribbean, the Pacific and Alaska I moved back to my home state of Colorado and married Angelita Surage, without whom none of this, especially the website, would be possible. Now, in a small shop, I create one-off dinner sets with tables crafted of select handmade veneers. I've incorporated original wrought iron designs, from a unique dinner chair seat frame to garden benches and table bases made from sections of old iron wagon rims. 
        Number 304, my latest rocker, has a shaped, ergonomic hickory bark seat that you will probably not find anywhere else. Already vintage and heirloom, this furniture is built to use and admire every day, and to make meaningful and long lasting gifts for a first birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, or any other occasion.

The eight-sided post format in chairs

Chester Cornett at the Cincinnati Arts and Crafts Fair, 1976
Axe-made Red Oak rockers ordered by David and Lucille Packard, 1978
Little Charley Murphy around 1975 near Sand Gap. Charley was a chair maker, beekeeper and story teller of boundless energy. He mentored us on the basics of greenwood chair making and was always ready to make us "insant coffee" in a dirty cup that he would quickly wipe out with a pretty dirty dishrag...They broke the mold when they made him, and we were lucky to know him.
Jimmy Cooper and Michael Houston on Rock Lick Creek, 1977, homesteading and making chairs for a living.

“Michael is an exceptional artist and his furniture is pure beauty.  Built by hand with attention to the smallest of details, each piece is unique and highlights his exquisite craftsmanship.  For over 30 years our family has relied on him to not just make pieces of furniture, but family heirlooms that we treasure and will last for generations.  Michael has created for us multiple rocking chairs, an outdoor bench, and two extraordinary dining room tables with chairs.  When we need furniture he is our go to master craftsman.  We are assured that he will deliver a one of a kind piece of furniture that will not only be stunning, but functional, durable, and a lasting artistic piece that enhances our home. “  

Ed and Wendy Aro, Denver, Colorado